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Curriculum on two departments:

1. Curriculum on Montessori method for preparatory age 1 half - 4 years.

2. NBSE curriculum for class A-IV

1. Curriculum on Montessori Method:

The Montessori system education is activity-based and child centered education. It shall follow the prescribed syllabi of Montessori method for preparatory level. Textbooks are not used but a lesson plan will be prepared by the school in play-way activities so that learning becomes appealing, enjoyable, and effective to the child. 

1. E.P.L (Exercise on practical life): To develop good habit, confidence, finger strengthening and muscular movement in a child.

(a) How to comb hair (b) How to tie a shoelace, ribbon. (c) How to sit and get up from a chair. (d) Taking care of plants and so on.

2. Language: To improve the child's vocabulary and writing skill, and to develop clear expression of thoughts and ideas.

3. Art: To stimulate and develop the child's creativity, motor skill, and visual co-ordination. It helps the child appreciate the use of different medium of colors, like crayons, water colors, brush painting, paper cutting work, etc. and appreciate the finished products whatever it may be in the eyes of the child. Correcting the artwork of the child by the adults creates frustration in the mind of the child. The child feels satisfaction by doing the work by her/him.

4. Environment study: To be aware of and to care for the environment. We balance nature study in outdoor activities, like observing and identifying animals/insects/ plants etc. and book learning.

5. Mathemetics: Introduces the child to the world of numbers, exactness and storehouse of intellectual growth.

2. Primary Curriculum:

The school follows the NBSE (Nagaland Board of School Education) curriculum and examination system of the board.

Special Notice To Parents on Toddler School Routine Time:

The school accepts the child from age 1 half years onwards, as such the parents shall be facing inconveniences un the initial stage. The school hour of a newly admitted child shall be five to ten minutes etc. and then slowly increasing the school hours until the child is adjusted to the class timing, i.e, 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 pm. The school shall not allow parents to stay inside the class room with newly admitted child.

Co-curricular Activities:  Co-curricular activities occupy an important place in modern education. It supplements classroom activities, and cater to all round developments of the students. The co-curricular activities are as follows:

(a) Geography and science project

(b) Montessori art project

(c) Vacation Bible camp

(d) Singing and cultural display

(e) Handwriting and art competition

(f) Audio visual

(g) Montessori apparatus

(h) Music

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