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To guide the child as to grow naturally, arresting the childhood period, which is crucial for the foundation of a secured adult in future, as each and every adult was a child once. The child, when given sound foundation in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and close contact to nature (to value and care for it) will grow up to be a responsible person bringing stability to the society.

Dr. Maria Montessori's Philosophy and method of pre-school education lays down the foundation of a child's interest and desire to study as he/she goes to formal system L.K.G, U.K.G. and so on. The school in preparatory and primary departments onwards strive to follow strictly the Montessori method, syllabus and the philosophy of directing the child to self-reliance, freedom of movement and respect for the child and to draw out the hidden potential in a child. The primary department follows the curriculum of NBSE.


To impart quality education and all round development to the young people. At present the school has preparatory level age 1 half to 4 years and Primary level. The school shall be upgrading.


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